Sunday, February 5, 2017

Heart Banner Tutorial

When I have some time on the weekend I love to work on some easy crafts for my rustic farmhouse look.  The last two Saturdays I've been working on a small heart banner that I saw on Pinterest saved from  I always have felt squares around and I have seen crafters using burlap ribbon.

So here was my project..

I had the red, white, and pink felt squares and started cutting three sizes of hearts to layer all I saw was a lot of white.

I had bought a couple of rolls of burlap ribbon from the dollar tree.  I really didn't have a plan for the burlap when I bought it.   I tried to incorporate the burlap and thought the burlap gave the hearts a rustic feel.  Once I had all the heart cut and glued.  I decided to brush them with watered down Elmer's Glue.

What a mistake, it took several day for the glue to dry and the burlap separated and started to curl up.
I laid out the hearts on plastic wrap and put books on them for a couple of days to flatten out the hearts

that did the trick then I just used my glue gun and attached jute to the back to make the banner.

This is the finished project, I think it turned out okay and it gives a little bit of color to the front of my fireplace and mantel.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to add some color to your decor for February.

Have a Wonderful Day!
Vicki the ColoJunkett

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