Saturday, December 10, 2016

My 2016 Christmas Tour, so to speak

This year my decor changed a bit, I was striving for old country, woodland feeling, with more green garland and checks, but also leave the glitter and sparkle that my husband like.  So here is a peek, I also moved a few vignettes around so that little finger can not touch.

Here is a little vignette of the Islands of Miss-Fit Toys.  The lighted tree I purchased from a Home Decor Party quite some time ago like 20 years.  Does any one remember Home Decor home parties? The ornaments in this vignette, I have picked up at yard sales or thrift store.
This year I moved the white feathered tree to the living room on the top of the entertainment center.  I believe I purchased the feathered tree at an auction, several  years ago. The wooden ornaments I started collecting when I moved out on my own.

Also on the top of the entertainment center is the snowy village. The village pieces came unpainted from the craft  department of Wal-Mart, I believe at least ten years ago.  I put a five piece battery operated train in front of the snowy village, that I bought at Ace Hardware, many years ago.  The string of blue light came from The Dollar Tree this year, I think the lights were a nice touch.

The nativity scene I thrift-ed a few years ago, I put on a high shelve of the living room entertainment center, high enough to stay out of the way of little fingers.

Here are the Grand Kids rearranging the ornament this was the biggest challenge this year.  What are you going to do?  It was great to have them during Christmas break.

Have a Wonderful.

Colo Junkett

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