Sunday, September 11, 2016

September is party time

September is a very busy month in our family, last camping trip of the summer, garden harvesting, with back to school, routines, and birthday celebrations.

This week we had a combined birthday party for my granddaughter who turned three and a grandson that turned seven. I decided that my guest list would be families that live on our street that the grand kids play with, so I invited about six families. I looked in my party supply box and found this paint splotches pattern and decided on a paint theme.  I also had some extra blue snack napkins and blue solo cup that I had left over from Fourth of July.

I set up a card table with individual poster board and brushes from the Dollar Tree for a painting activity.  I had tempera paint in primary colors and had the kids mix colors to get green and purple I think they had more fun mixing colors than painting on the poster board.

The next activity was silly string, I gave each friend a can of silly string to spray at each other they had a great time.

The menu consisted of roast beef, ham, turkey, and cheese sub-sandwiches, from City Market and my husband sliced up tomatoes, onions, and lettuce to add to subs, I made my grandmothers' potato salad and my sisters' macaroni salad recipe and couple choices of chips and dip.  And of course condiments ofcatsup, mustard, mayo, pickles.

Our seven year old grandson requested Ice cream cake for his birthday. We have a TGIF store in town, so I tried there first, but they don't sell ice cream cakes any more.  Someone suggested Walmart has ice cream cakes,so I headed to Walmart and bought an ice cream cake and to my surprise it was decorated with colorful sprinkle to go with the party theme.

All in all the party went very well with having such an age difference at this wonderful event.  I believe everyone that came had a good time.

Have a Great Day,

Colo Junkett

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