Sunday, August 30, 2015

Going back to work and meal planning

Summer is coming to end and that means I go back to work.:/  It's kind of like I love my summers off, but I don't get a pay check during the time off, so I need to go back to work.:)

My summer has been kick back and our meals have been last minute planning or eating leftovers and alot of  hitting the grocery store every other day. I know crazy expensive right?  Long story short, we've not been on a real routine.

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So I've been looking through my stacks of cookbooks and recipe tearouts to find some quick and easy meals.  It's time to get back into meal planning again.

I've been meal planning for quite awhile using an 2010 microsoft office excel program.  I made a monthly template that is made up with breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack, and supper Sunday through Saturday.

I also made a list meals my family likes and organized the meal lists by main dish.
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