Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend renovation

It’s starting to cool off now at nights if you consider 26 – 32 degrees cooling off and the rainy days are hit and miss. 
I live in a 1930’s Mount Harris house that was auctioned off and moved when the mine shut down front door was probably a original Mt Harris door (that’s another story). Mt Harris, Colorado
Before I bought this house the back door had be broken into, which caused a warp to the top of the door 3 1/2” out from the door jam.
With the weather changing the door really needed to be replaced, so this weekend I got a new front and back outside door
Spring 2009-DSCI0280

new back door, notice the dog door.  Monster can actually get in and out with out much problem
December snow storm 2010 Pictures 012
This is my dog Monster out in the snow last winter.  Not looking forward to so much snow like this, but I do live in Colorado!
Have a Great Day!
Colo Junkett
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