Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween project

I was surfing my favorite blogs last week and found a couple of really cool wreath I thought I’d tried to make before Halloween.
As you know I’m a little frugal. I look through my craft stuff and wasn’t able to find a wreath I could reuse.
So I went to the Budget Center (our Good Will) and purchased two different grapevine wreaths for $5
I had some gogglely eyes and 2” styro-foam balls in my Halloween craft box and cut them in half and glued to the wreath painted the styro-foam ball base with Americana glow in the dark acrylic paint and around the eyes with Delta lime sorbet acrylic paint. 
I found some white and glow in the dark green webbing and some spider rings, also from my Halloween craft box and a beany bag spider to tie in the middle .
I surprised my self I think it turned out great!
Have a Great Day!
Colo Junkett

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