Friday, July 22, 2011

Curb Cruzing



As you know I have my oldest daughter and her boys staying with me for a while. and every time they visit, I’m trying to find a place for the boys to nap without being disturbed. Friday is ” THE YARD SALE DAY” in my community, so today I went curb cruzing  looking for a bed that would fit somewhere, remember my house is only 1200sq ft.  I found a bargain, it’s a little use but it will get the grandson in there own bed.

Funny thing is, the lady that gave me the bed was not having a yard sale, she was going through her moms things trying to decide what would go to storage and what should be given away.  Her mother had recently been moved into a nursing care facility.   The bed was in her truck and got rained on before she had time to get into storage so she felt she couldn’t ask money for it.

Have a Great Day!

Colo Junkett

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