Monday, June 6, 2011

June Food Management

It’s the first Monday of the month and I thought I’d share my meal planning.  I’ve started walking for 30-45 minutes a day, my weight has been fluctuating 4-6 pounds but my measurement is still the same, what gives?
I’ve changed my snacking to Special K protein bars and Special K protein shakes
Sunday Dinner :
  •  6/5- beef and broccoli/brown rice
  • 6/12- Taco Salad- lean elk burger/shredded lettuce/Colby jack cheese/tomato/chopped onion/salsa/corn chips
  • 6/19- Grilled Chicken breast/white rice/tossed salad
  • 6/26-  Crockpot: Peppered Beef Tips/tossed salad
Monday Dinner:
  • 6/6- Chef’s Salads with Hard boiled Eggs/Ham/Turkey/etc.
  • 6/13- white bean and trimmed ham crock-pot soup with wheat thins/ celery sticks filled with light cream cheese
  • 6/20- Elk steak, green beans, tossed salad
  • 6/27- left over chicken/Cherry Tomato/onion/green bean Salad
Tuesday Dinner:
  • 6/7- Roasted Garlic Onion Chicken/Peas/Green Salad
  • 6/14- Elk Steak Stroganoff(low fat mushroom soup,low-fat sour cream), Peas/Wheat Egg Noodles
  • 6/21- Turkey Kielbasa/Steamed Cabbage/Steamed Red Potatoes
  • 6/28- Grilled Pork chops/Wild Rice/Asparagus
Wednesday Dinner:
  • 6/1- elk burger patties/Green Beans/Tomatoes with Cucumbers
  • 6/8- Crockpot: Shredded Pork wheat pita Sandwiches
  • 6/15- Spaghetti/tossed green salad
  • 6/22- Salad
  • 6/29- Crockpot Pepper Steak/Brown Rice/Peas
Thursday Dinner:
  • 6/2- Goulash (½#elk burger, ½# lean beef burger)/Green Salad
  • 6/9- Taco Salads on a toasted wheat tortilla
  • 6/16- Baked Chicken/Green Mixed Salad
  • 6/23-Beef/broccoli/rice
  • 6/30- Ham/Spanish rice/green&red pepper
Friday Dinners:
  • 6/3- Hamburger on a thin wheat bun/lettuce/tomato/onion
  • 6/10- Chicken quesadilla/rice/
  • 6/17- thin wheat bagel/Scrambled Egg/canned pears
  • 6/24- Chicken Stir Frye/Rice
Saturday Dinner:
  • 6/4- Chicken Fajitas/low fat tortillas
  • 6/11- Crockpot Roast beef/green salad/baked potato fries
  • 6/18- Grilled Salmon/Brown rice/green salad w/Italian Dressing
  • 6/25- Grilled Chicken/Red Potato Kabobs/Fresh Vegies
My breakfast consist of coffee, lite creamer, Fiber One Cereal with 2% Milk, and a piece of fruit.  For lunch a choice of salad or soup or a 1/2 wheat pita made of leftover meat.

Have a Great Day!
Colo Junkett

As of today I've lost 4.5 lb and mantaining

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