Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter


Now that my kids are older there is always some one working or is out of town, there really isn’t any hype about the coloring the eggs for the Easter Bunny or the Easter Egg Hunt any more, but they still want to have a picnic (if the weather permits), dinner with all the fixings.

I asked my daughter if she wanted to color eggs this year, she said,” she didn’t have time and was to old for that sort of thing.”   However, she was disappointed that I didn’t buy a bag of  robins eggs this year.Go figure?  I just couldn’t because, I’m trying to stay on a food management program and I don’t have will power to stay away from the bag!  Anyway, I did plan for an Easter Dinner and this is what I made…

Easter Dinner Menu

*Glazed Spiral Ham*

*Scalloped Potatoes*

*Green bean casserole*

*Deviled eggs*

And for Dessert - *Pineapple Upside Down Cake*


The day turned out pretty good, my youngest daughter work Easter, so I had a few close friends over and held dinner till she got off work.

Happy Easter,

Colo Junkett

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