Monday, February 7, 2011

Food Management February


It’s the first Monday of the month and I thought I’d share my meal planning.

I’ve been kind of following the 400 calories meal ideas.

Breakfast: I usually have mix match -Wheat bread,eggs, whole grain cereal, I     still use 2% milk, I try to had a piece of fruit,coffee with lite creamer

Lunch: is tossed salad with some left over protein and oil and vinegar dressing

Supper: tossed salad with oil and vinegar dressing, a protein, and another vegetable

My exercise plan is still kind of still in the planning  stage.  I’ve been trying to shovel snow for thirty minutes every day, that's about all I can do when the air outside is so cold.  I don’t know if you can see the thermometer but it read zero!

Valentine's Day 2011 002

weight loss,  not much 2 lbs. so far.

Have a Great Day!

Cool Junkett

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