Monday, January 31, 2011

Lists, Lists and more Lists



Sometimes my brain is on overload with errands I need to do or projects that need to be finished, there always the grocery list, bills to pay, appointment that need to be made. Most of the time, list help me to get get a few of these things taken care of, but most of the notes get put up on the fridge, or by the phone,or on my night stand, or in my purse….. that seem to get lost in the “Big Black Hole”  never to surface again! 

When I have some spare time to check off one of the ideas I can’t find the list!

january list2january 1 002

As you can see my problem is I make to many lists and the problem I see is that I  keep adding to the pile which drives me a little nuts and nothing ever get accomplished. 

I have been following a very cool site called the  there are some wonder ideas on how to organized lists.  

  • Journal
  • Master Notebook
  • Planner

The one idea I think I maybe able to handle is a Daily Journal or Planner that I can carry with me.  I’m hoping this will help me keep my sticky notes in one place.  Check back later to see how I’m doing.

Have a Great Day!

Cool Junkett

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