Monday, January 3, 2011

Food Management Monday's

I've been following the Menu Plan Monday's over at  for quite sometime and it has been very helpful with cutting the stress at supper time, however I decide about this time last year to cut back on my food in take and started going to the gym every other day.  I did pretty good until..... Here Come The Excuse!  I got a cold that never went away, believe me I had a cough for more than 5 weeks. I'd get better then I'd be sick again.  Sooo......that idea kind of flew out the window.  This year I decided to go with food management first and cut back on the carbs a little and add more vegetable and fruit to our meals and then I'll start going to the gym or start walking.
 This week my family will have
Monday- oven fried skinless chicken , tossed green salad, low fat dressing, green beans
Tuesday- grilled elkburgers(nearly no fat), baked beans, green tossed salad and canned peaches light syrup   for dessert
Wednesday- chicken gumbo over brown rice
Thursday - trimmed pork chops grilled, leek, carrots, snow peas, broccoli stir fry, and brown rice
Friday- goulash and family recipe using elk burger or lean ground beef, tossed salad, pears for dessert
Saturday- taco salad, eliminate the taco shell
Sunday- crock-pot roast beef (skim off fat), tossed green salad, steamed broccoli/cauliflower, jello for desert

Have a Great Day!
Colo Junkett

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