Monday, January 4, 2010

My Last Week of Winter Break and My Project List

DD#2 goes back to school on Monday. This is my last week of winter break and my project list hasn't one thing checked off yet.  

1. Actually give the whole house a good vacuuming (didn't get to it over the past couple of weeks)
2. Move a anchor hanger in the kitchen
3. Get my paper work out of my bedroom and setup my desk in the spare room
4. Hang some pictures that have been in boxes since I've moved into the house back in February 2009
5. Put up a shelve and some pictures in living room
6. Cleanup the laundry room (a working in progress)
7. Clean out the refrigerator and clean the stove/oven (I don't like this job, not sure I'll get to this one)

I hope to check off at least #1,#3,#6, and #7 wish me luck!
Have a great Day!
Colo Junkett

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