Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not such a bargain

Well you can see I didn't get that plant bargain I thought I did two weeks ago. The marigolds that I bought a couple of weeks ago they bit the dust, the petunia's that I planted in containers are during okay. The few perennial that I bought will come back next year so maybe my bargain wasn't a total loss.
There's always NEXT YEAR!!! With a plan and budget for plantings and more compost to loosen up the soil my flower bed may be beautiful!!! We see, Huh?
But I did get a bargain this week at the Safeway had country pork rib $1.99 # so I dusted off the crock Pot and for dinner we'll be serving BBQ Pork sandwiches, corn on cob, brown rice and water melon. yum yum

Have a wonderful Day!

Colo Junkett

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