Saturday, August 1, 2009

The first Camping Trip of the Summer

I usually have most of the gear like tent, sleeping bag, lantern, water jugs, grill ax, shovel etc......and a big Rubbermaid tub with paper plate plastic forks and spoons,toilet paper you know all the basic things grouped together to go camping in a are in my garage.

The day finally came there were no prior engagement, the weather was going to be decent. So the kids stood there asking what to pack. I was dumbed founded. so I told them where in the garage the camping stuff was and let's pack it up and head it out!

See My Idea now, that my kids are older. If they want to go camping they need to load it up and unpacked when we get there.

My only function is to drive and enjoy!

I've been doing this a long time and I think it is about time they learn that camping isn't about fun and games there's a little bit of prep and work to make sure that the camping trip is fun!

I decided that we were going to Brown's Park about 80 miles NW of Craig. About 2 hours later due to very winding narrow road we finally got to our destination to find we were the only campers there. I wish we have had brought the dogs! I would have felt a little more secure. No cell service down by the River, 5 miles up to the main road, there was a little store, also a Rangers station.

We found a good spot to set up camp and it was up to the kids to unpacked and set up camp.

Here they are setting up the tent. Actually they did a great job of getting all the sleeping bags and pads layed out.
Saturday night got a little colder than what I was expecting because I guess we were near the River the mosquitos were terrible!!
Sunday morning. The girls were not ready to start all the packing up so I continued drinking coffee setting in a camp chair reading a book. Around noon one oclock the girls were ready head home.
It was a great trip! When can we go again?!
Have a great day!
Colo Junkett

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