Monday, June 8, 2009

Testing her wings

My oldest Daughter has been trying out her wings for about 2 years now. The first time she decided to leave home, she was pregnant and didn't want to let me know so she went to Texas with the boyfriend with not much money, I think maybe a 2 week pay check. After about 3 months neither of them had found jobs and they were living with his parents they headed back to Colorado. How they made it was a miracle, because of the mechanical shape the vehicle was in when they got back to Colorado I let them live with me. Both had gotten jobs, my daughter had the baby, things were looking good and then the boyfriend got home sick and wanted to go back home. Of course when my daughter gathered up enough money for a plan ticket she flew back to Texas. No car, not much money and a baby.
There was one more time they tried the move and that lasted about 5 months.
I think now she has finally made the leap. She left for Texas to see if her and the boyfriend can make a life together. This time she has a plan! She has her own vehicle, she has some office training, her GED, a little money in her pocket and a job interview when she get there. Hallelujah!!!
I'm going to miss her and the Grand baby, but why does she have to move so far away. I guess I need to stock up on frequent flyer mile or get a very economical vehicle.

Have a Great Day!
Colo Junket

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