Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is it Bribery or Compromising?

Summer break is almost here. Yippee!!!!
My youngest DD has had a real struggle staying in school all day this last quarter (she's 16 and a Sophmore in High School). This in it's self is a issue for her.
Every day I drop her off at school, finding out later that she skipped out a noon!
It seems that all but one of her friends only have to go half days, so she feels she need to keep them company? I'm not sure where her head is right now.
We have been discussing homeschooling or working school credit. Even though DD may still have to take some online classes just to make up the lesson time that she skipped out on, I'm hoping that the idea while give her the incentive to finish out this year in public school.
What are you gone'a do???? I'm not giving up, I'll keep working with her

Have a great Day!!

Colo Junkett

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