Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did Someone Say "YARDSALE"

I think it is "Yard Sale" time.

In February I signed loan papers on this little cottage. Thank goodness it has a two car garage. I had all the boxes put in the garage, until I had time to weed them out.

I really didn't think I had so much stuff. The house that I was renting was around 2000 sq ft farm house, very large rooms and lots of storage. So I have been slowly going through boxes and finding homes for my collectibles that I really love and have been carting around with me for 20 some years, the rest I must let some else enjoy.

So.............. I made the decision to have YARD SALE.

Do you realize how much thought is needed to pull off a great yard sale?

- Decide what weekend would be covenient

- for less stress....start pricing your items for the sale as you sort

- Friday is the best day to have a "Yard Sale" in my little town so...........

- Put the "Yard Sale" add in the local paper two or three day before the sale, so that the bargain hunter can plan there day

- having the table set up Thursday afternoon, knowing that there will be looky-loo that saw your add and show up as your setting up the tables.

And the most important thing is to have your sign out on the main drag with the arrow pointing the right way! lol I've exactly had that happen to me, one of my signs was pointing the wrong way until a customer came and told me bless their hearts.

Thank goodness my mom and her husband really enjoy the outing so they drive 2 hour and stay with me and help me price things and give me a relief when nature calls and they love visiting with all the people that stop by.

So wish me luck!

Colo Junkett

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