Saturday, May 26, 2018

May Thrift Finds

Here's What I Found Thrifting 

Books, Books, Books, and more Books for FREE!

The school I work at were thinning out the books and miscellaneous learning materials.

41 highlight search the picture magazines

                                     kid chapter book series

 bean counters

math bingo

short vowel and initial consonant word cards

I think this was a wonderful  thrift haul, grand kids are needing some different books to read and I have two grand kids just starting school so any practice is good to help with reading.

I hope you liked this haul,
You have a wonderful day!

Vicki -The Colo Junkett 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

April First - Getting the Vegetable Garden Prepped

Getting the Garden Prepped for Planting

My east facing garden box is waiting to  be planted.  I have put up a trellis for green beans.  As you can see there are four plants my grand kids started indoors at school that I planted even though I think it's to early and they may freeze.

This is the west facing box that I'm setting up hoops to help with putting protective covering to protect plant from freezing. I haven't planted anything in this box yet.

My strawberries bed is in serious need of some TLC!

Here is one of the garden boxes cover with the protective cloth.  I'll see how it works.

Happy April First!

You all have a great Day!
Vicki -the Colo Junkett

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter Sunday

The Easter Hunt

The grand kids after getting dress for church saw that the Easter bunny had dropped by our back yard this morning and had left a few surprises.

The eggs were left all over the back yard, some high for the older boys.

and more colorful eggs laying low for the younger grand kids to find.

Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful sunny day to hunt for Easter eggs.

The the time  came to see what extra special surprise the Easter Bunny had left for everyone.

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Vicki - the Colo Junkett

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Break is here!

Spring Break is Here!

Along with the list of activities I complied to keep grand-kids busy, during Spring Break. I also have a few things I would like to accomplished around the house.

  • Get Spring decor out
  • get laundry caught up
  • vacuum the house thoroughly, lol will see!

I was able to accomplish - doing a couple of DYI'S

Remember the big bag of all size plastic eggs.  I ended up with close to 3 dozen from that bag.

I also found two cartons of easy paint Easter eggs on  clearance at Walmart for $1.00 a piece.

The paint I used was Waverly white chalk paint with Ceramcoat - 'Moss Green' and a old bottle of Delta Ceramcoat -Copen Blue. 

Doing some Easter decor DYI's, I ended up painting 6 18 count egg cartons full.

This was one of the projects on my list for Spring Break!
I hope you all had a great week,
Vicki the "Colojunkett"

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First Day of Spring Spring - First Robin Sighting

I Spotted the First  Robin Today in my area!

Just sitting enjoying the ray of sun.

There the Robin is sitting high on the fence.

Here is the Robin getting some water from a snow patch.  We just had a snow storm yesterday and received about 4 inches, today's highs were around 48 degrees so  this is what is left of the snow today.

Yeah! First Day of Spring!
Have a great Day!
Vicki - The Colojunkett

2018 Spring Decor Tour

Spring 2018 Decor

Here on my front door is the Spring - Easter wreath I made from  "The Dollar Tree: items.

This old window and shelf is right inside my front door.  I think it turned out nicely, the hanging bunny was a March thrift haul items 

A shelf over my entry closet with a collection of plates and nesting hens.

this spread is on top of and shelving unit in my living room.  Just a few thrift finds and old window  a battery operated black lantern from my local Walgreen's.

on this book shelf in the den is a cigar box from my collection filled with painted plastic eggs, along with a bunch of carrots I made with toilet paper rolls and orange yarn

In a corner of my den I put together a small vignette on top of an old trunk.

I traditionally decorate the kids bathroom shelving for every season heres what I have put together for the Spring.

This shelf was given to me by my granddaughter, she used  part of a pallet and sanded and stained it.  I love this new added piece to my farmhouse decor.

In my den I have a cement ledge that runs down two wall ( foundation wall) and all the electric plug are half way up the wall making it very hard to disguise them. In this picture I'm trying to use floral stems and a few chickens to hide the plug outlet.

This is that same wall above the ledge in my den with 70's dark paneling that I 'm working to sheet rock and paint.  This remodel is a on going job.

This old table I purchased at an auctions and is another piece I like to put together a vignette in my den.

This area is my "Fireplace Mantel" with a Welcome Spring banner made of felt egg shape and a green check flag banner.

Happy Spring!
Thank You for Stopping by.
Vicki - The Colo Junkett

Sunday, March 11, 2018

DYI Spring Flag Banner

Spring Flag Banner Tutorial

Here is how I made a Flag Banner to use on a couple of my old windows and the fireplace mantel.

I had the green checked sheet I have been using for a table cloth  but it needed hemmed up badly, so I use the extra length of the material to make my Spring Flag Banners. 

I also have some of the flour sack material I bought at Walmart several years ago to add to the banner.

The flag banners I made real similar to my winter flag banners.  I used green hot glue and hemp twine to attach the fabric pieces to make the spring flag banner.

This is the finished project, I made three, one for each of my old  windows.

I hope you enjoyed this turtorial

Thank you for stopping by !
and have a wonderful Day!
Vicki - The Colo Junkett