Saturday, October 7, 2017

October Thrift Finds

This was my October find at my local thrift store

Look at thes super coo vnitage pumlikns and this vintage cat treat bag

The cover cloch with a marble base the old books a basket that I will probably paint a wreath that I will take off the white pearls and ribbon and the books, I saw a tutoral on how to age the books, the pots I thought I may use them in my dcor some ware not sure right now.

Theres adorable apple salt and pepper shakers will be in my kitchen
the wooden spools of thread it's pending.

Have a Amazing Day!
The Colorado Junkett - Vicki

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September is a time to Party at my house

What do you get a 25 year old for her birthday?  Money card.  Actually I sent here some cash to get what she needed.  My daughter is going to college and working trying to make ends meet.

The following week my Grand daughter has a birthday and shell be turning 4 years old.

I decided that a home party with family would be the best for a four year old and not to over whelming for grandma. ha ha

Grandpa made the cake from a box mix and added icing.

Grand daughter blowing out the candles

The presents!!

The party theme I came up with was butterflies and purple crepe paper
my granddaughter had a great time with family.

Have a wonderful day!
The Colojunkett

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Surprised Visit

My granddaughter and great grandson stopped by for the weekend.  What a wonderful time we had.

Riding bikes with the grand children.

Playing with Lego's with the grand children.

Playing at the park climbing the wall at the park play equipment.

I had such a wonderful time visiting and watching the grand kids and great grandson play and visiting with my granddaughter.

Have a wonderful day!
Vicki the Colojunkett 

Friday, August 25, 2017

August thrift finds

I just don't know where my time went during the summer.  I hadn't done much yard selling this summer, but I did stop by one this weekend and look what I found!

I'm not sure where I'm going to put these things, but Ill be sure to show you if I find a place for the items in my house.

I liked the simplistic of the carvings and I have been looking for a glass cube, ( I know that is not the correct name). The little white shelf was just cute so I had to have it.

I'm always on the look out for Christmas decorations, you can never have enough Christmas decorations.  I picked up a box of twinkle lights, a box of pine cone picks with silver bells on them, and a box of red felt bows plus a box of old notebooks and binders that I sure I will use for my binder systems for my projects.

Have a great week!
Vicki the Colo Junkett

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Show and Tell - February Themed Banners

I saw this banner on Pinterest from Little Maisie on and thought it would fit into my rustic farmhouse decor, so here is my version.

Burlap & Lace Heart Banner Valentine's Day Red White Gingham by LittleMaisie on Etsy

 I had made for the mantel in the den, but I measured wrong and the banner was to long to fit the mantel, so I hung it in my living room.  I think it looks great in the living room at the front window.

I had some sack cloth I bought on sale at my local Walmart, and of course you know I always have felt square and twine.  I choose to make my hearts 5" x 41/2, sorry I just kind of eye ball when I cut the template for the sack cloth/ red felt hearts.

I got the stencils out and traced the letters for, "Happy Valentine".  I used red and white acrylics paints to fill in the stencil letters.  Then I hot glued twine that I have on hand to transform the hearts into a banner.

This project was super easy and I was able to finish this banner in about four hours.

I found another Valentine garland project that looked fairly easy on Pinterest of course, saved from, go check this site out she has a lot of wonderful paper craft ideas.

valentines day decorations - hugs and kisses garlands!:
This project was a little more time consuming the cutting and taping took some time, but I really liked how it turned out.  I hung this garland  in my living room with my green-fir garland.

 Gives this project a try, for your Valentine Day decor.

Have a wonderful Day
Vicki the ColoJunkett

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Heart Banner Tutorail

When I have some time on the weekend I love to work on some easy crafts for my rustic farmhouse look.  The last two Saturdays I've been working on a small heart banner that I saw on Pinterest saved from  I always have felt squares around and I have seen crafters using burlap ribbon.

So here was my project..

I had the red, white, and pink felt squares and started cutting three sizes of hearts to layer all I saw was a lot of white.
I had bought a couple of rolls of burlap ribbon from the dollar tree.  I really didn't have a plan for the burlap when I bought it.   I tried to incorporate the burlap and thought the burlap gave the hearts a rustic feel.  Once I had all the heart cut and glued.  I decided to brush them with watered down Elmer's Glue

 what a mistake, it took several day for the glue to dry and the burlap separated and started to curl up.
I laid out the hearts on plastic wrap and put books on them for a couple of days to flatten out the hearts

that did the trick then I just used my glue gun and attached jute to the back to make the banner.

This is the finished project, I think it turned out okay and it gives a little bit of color to the front of my fireplace and mantel.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to add some color to your decor for February.

Have a Wonderful Day!
Vicki the ColoJunkett

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 2017 Decor

February 2017

Because I live in northwest Colorado it's still winter with a lot of snow and it's very cold, I like to keep out my evergreen lighted garland and pine cones through out the house it gives the feel of a cozy cottage.

At the top of my living-room entertainment center

In the kitchen I draped the lighted garland on top of the patio door. 

I like the cozy mountain cabin atmosphere of lighted evergreen garland in the winter time.  So I will leave the garland out til spring or around late march or first of April or until the snow melts and the outside temperature warms up.

Decorating for February is fairly easy, I just change out the snowmen and white candles that I use for my winter decor and put out red hearts and red candles.

The den is where I really change up my vignettes.  It just seems easier for me maybe because there's more surface area to decorate.

Book Case in my Den
Side Table in my Den
Coffee Table in the Den

The mantel is another place that I like to decorate for the seasons with garland and banners

Thanks for stopping by, Vicki the Colo Junkett